Introducing Lua Channels!

Lua Channels are a new way to have conversations within your Lua Network. The new, dedicated tab available within the Lua application allows users to create group conversations with as many as 1000 individual users. Lua users are able to share company-wide updates, messages and attachments to up to 1000 Channel members. Although similar to groups, Channels has a few more customizable options available to users like configuring notification settings.


Streamlined for better group discussions, Channels makes sure every vital contact is included and up to date. Easily add groups, individuals, or departments with just a few taps. They can be created around teams, individual patients, projects, clients, or any other group structure relevant to your organization. With access to all vital contacts administrators are able to easily schedule coverages and providers are able to get answers needed to deliver optimal patient care.

As always, attachments can be shared via Channels, adding more necessary detail and content to larger conversations. Each Channel's attachments can be found in the Channel’s details screen for easy access.

From more details on Channels and to receive the How-To Guide, please reach out to or within the public support group in Lua.