Product Update: External Messages


Healthcare professionals often need expertise outside of their immediate network. With External Messages, doctors and nurses can quickly and securely converse with colleagues who do not have Lua. Organizations now have the flexibility to communicate with anyone they see fit, whilst remaining HIPAA compliant. 

Furthering Communication

With External Messages you can now contact even more people. It allows you to further expand your network beyond fellow Lua users, whilst still remaining secure and HIPAA compliant. As external messages are one-time secure exchanges, if you find yourself using the feature frequently with a particular contact, then it may be a good indicator that they should be added to your Lua network. 

Expanding Horizons

External Messages ensure you can now contact whoever may be deemed necessary to provide optimal patient care. Lua’s latest feature means always being able to reach the expertise you need. It expands the horizons of who you can message instantly to discuss sensitive information and ePHI, without worrying about compromising the integrity of any data. 

Keeping Information Under Control

Given that external messages are conducted in one-time secure sessions, all messages that are sent or received will be affected by the expiration requirement set up by the organization. All messages will be deleted and the external user will be unable to regain access to the session. This gives you greater control over the information you are sharing with the external user. 

External Messages in Action

1. If you choose to message a contact that is not a Lua user, Lua will prompt you with an alert to remind you that this person is outside your network. The recipient will be sent a secure message but in a one time secure session.

2. The external user will receive the message informing them that you have sent them a secure message that can be accessed via the included link. 

3. Once the external user accesses the link, they will be brought to a one-time secure exchange where they can read your message and reply. 

4. After a set amount of time, the secure exchange will expire and automatically be deleted. 

Select FAQs

Who has access to external messaging?
Lua users can send an external message to any contact that they have a cell-phone number for. Anyone with a unique cell phone number can receive an ‘external message’ from a Lua user and reply, in a one-time secure session. 

Are External Messages HIPAA compliant?
All external messages sent from the Lua app are secure and HIPAA compliant. The recipient of the external message is prompted to follow the link so as to view the message in a secure browser, and can reply in a one-time exchange. 

Do External Messages expire?
Technically, no. The messages remain, but access to them expires after 72 hours of inactivity. Once a new message is sent to an external user, they have access to the entire conversation. Each message has a timestamp of when the message was sent. Lua users can access a ReadReport the same way they can for an in-application Lua conversation.

How are the External Messages delivered?
External users must have a phone number that receives text messages or a valid email address. 

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Leah was born in Dublin, Ireland and made the move across the pond earlier this year. She’s excited to be a part of Lua and the NY tech enterprise scene. She spends her free time exploring and eating her way through New York City, like the tourist she is.